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  • Nextor CS Series CDP Appliance

    Real-time Protection. Data Recovery within Minutes.

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    Nextor CS Series CDP Appliance

    Real-time Protection. Data Recovery within Minutes.

    Nextor CS Series: Nextor CS has another name--CDP Appliance. CDP Appliance is an all-in-one device, into which sets Continuous Data Protection and Operating System Fast Recovery. On the basis of Mirroring and CDP, CDP Appliance enables to continuous protection and rapid recovery of applications, databases, operating systems, and documents.

    CDP Appliance can be embedded into IT infrastructure flexibly. Through Block-level Data Seizing, it enables to protect all front-end servers fully.

    By means of P2V, SAN Boot, etc., Nextor CS realizes data recovery within minutes, so that it dramatically reduces the time of business interruption and loss rate of data. In addition, it supports remote disaster tolerance. If deployed with Tigler SC together, it extends to platform disaster tolerance.

    InfoCore occupies No.1 market share of CDP solution in China market

    Ref:According to CCID《2014 Storage Virtualization Gateways and Solutions Reports》





    Nextor CS Series is embedded into IT storage network via a bypass of IP-SAN or FC-SAN, then protects the hosts in the network.



    Models Nextor CS2000 Series
    Surface shape

    System cache
    Maximum of disks

    Type of disks

    RAID level
    Power and Fans
    Ethernet Port
    FC Port

    2U rack-scale
    8GB,extensible to 768GB
    3.5 inch:12
    2.5 inch:24
    Extensible to 96 via expansion drawer
    2.5 inch:SSD、SAS(10K、15K)、NL-SAS(7.2K) 3.5 inch:SAS(15K)、NL-SAS(7.2K)
    0, 1, 5, 6, 10
    hot plug redundant power and fans
    4 1Gb/s Ports, extensibility


    Virtual machine

    Support Windows, Linux, etc.
    Support VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, XEN
    Support Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Exchange, MySQL, etc.

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