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  • InfoCore

    Your exclusive service housekeeper

    InfoCore 7*24 technical support hotline

    Service hotline: 400-651-8980
    Email support: support@www.bw-valve.net
    Please contact us by using contact information above, or you can fill in the following form, our staffs will contact you in 2 business days to provide technical support services for you.

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    According to clients’ standard and requirement, we will offer 4 levels of technical support service. The details are as follows:

    Services Basic Service Standard Service Premium Service Premuim Plus Service
    Hotline telephone service
    E-mail service
    Remote access service
    New technology consultancy service
    Locale project implementation (Excluding warranty extension)
    Standard training (Excluding warranty extension)
    Inspection 1/Year
    5*8 on-site fault handling
    Premium training (Excluding warranty extension)
    7*24 on-site fault handling
    Insepction 4/Year
    Non-fault locale handling 2/Year
    Remote disaster manoeuvre
    Specific VIP maintenance group
    Premium Plus Training (Excluding warranty extension)
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